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Even if a trademark isn't used in every state, federal registration gives a brand power to seek a court injunction.

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trademark registration matters.

Federal registration provides several advantages, including giving you a legal presumption of ownership and exclusive rights to use the mark nationwide in connection with your goods or services. It also gives you the right to bring a federal suit against anyone who may be infringing on your mark and allows you to use the coveted ® symbol.

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The process of applying and receiving your trademark is much like building a custom-fitted suit that is tailored to you and you only.  A detailed process is designed by a professional who has the experience to provide you with a quality product without having to manage the stress yourself. In the end, you want a seamless, custom product. Your trademark shouldn’t be any different so that you can focus on building your brand.

How Trademark Registration Works

Complete our trademark registration questionnaire.

We search the federal trademark database for direct conflicts.

Once documents are signed, we file your application with the USPTO.

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Screen Search

Anyone who files an application to federally register a mark faces the risk that someone else may have already obtained rights to a similar mark in the same market. An effective way to gauge this risk is to conduct a quick identical screen search of the federal mark registration records and common law references (i.e. the most relevant databases) to determine the availability and registrability of a mark for the goods and/or services in connection with which it is used or intended to be used.


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